Sitka & Spruce

sitka & spruce menu

After months of seeing Sitka & Spruce praised to the skies on discussion boards and the local food media, we finally made it! And darned if it wasn’t as great as everyone said it would be. The owner, Matt Dillon, is doing a wonderful job of featuring local, seasonal foods on a constantly rotating menu, in a space with a comfortable, casual feel. Very cool.

I am glad I’d looked up the address, otherwise we might have driven right by – it’s tucked unobtrusively into a small Eastlake strip mall between a Subway and a pho place. We got there half an hour before opening, so we took a scenic walk around Eastlake through gusty winds and occasional squalls. When we got back there were people waiting at the door, so we prudently got in line behind them, and three other couples immediately got out of their cars and got behind us – apparently this place, like Elemental, is the kind of place you show up early for. When the door opened we found out why.

The first two couples in the door each get a two-top. Everyone who comes in after that gets seated at one of a variety of communal tables, so you get to meet someone new at dinner. We got a two-top, and felt a little left out of the party that ensued at the eight-top next to us. However, the food was so amazing that we didn’t feel too bad about anything.

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