toad in the hole

toad in the hole

Toad in the hole, which¬†generally involves neither toads nor holes, is really a perfect food. Browned sausages, nestled into a creamy batter with crisp, buttery edges – what is there not to like? And not only is it delicious – it’s both fast and easy. The other day we went out for a drink after work, came home and threw one of these together, and had dinner by 7.

I don’t claim that my toad in the hole is particularly authentic – I’ve never eaten anyone’s version but my own – but I think it’s pretty great. I learned recently that some people put sauce or gravy on their toad in the hole. I’ve always found it plenty interesting au naturale, but why not experiment? I did try tossing a bit of fresh chopped sage into the batter, and I loved how it smelled while it baked.

Some sort of soup or vegetable is recommended unless you, unlike me, can eat a plateful of sausages with butter on them and not feel guilty. I like a salad of mixed greens with a garlic-mustard vinaigrette, to cut through the richness. A glass of red wine or a bitter beer is a nice addition.

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