Bivalve Bash 2010


out on the spit

If you haven’t been to the Bivalve Bash¬†at the Taylor Shellfish Farm on Samish Bay, you’re missing out on one of the best summer parties around. We went last year, but I didn’t do a post as my camera battery died halfway through. This year we took some shellfish-loving friends and a camera with a fresh battery and had a fabulous time.

Mud Run

We saw the kids’ Mud Run.

oyster shell sculptures

oyster shell sculpture

We toured the Oyster Shell Sculpture Contest.

oyster shucking contest

Jon entered the Oyster Shucking Contest, and placed third (and got to keep a rather nice oyster knife). And the rest of us got to eat the oysters.

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backyard chickens

fresh eggs

Some of you may be familiar with another local blog, The (Not So) Urban Hennery, written by my friend Laura McCrae. I am happy to announce that, two weeks from now, Laura will be giving a talk at my workplace, the Mount Vernon City Library, on raising chickens. And given that I’ve been buying rather transcendently wonderful eggs from Laura every week, I can tell you she knows how to take good care of chickens.

Yes, it’s a Monday night, but it doesn’t run that late. Come on out and show your support, visit the library and maybe learn something about chickens! And perhaps we’ll go out for a beer afterwards.

Backyard Chickens
with Laura McCrae

(part of the Renew Washington project)

6:30 pm, Monday, May 17

Mount Vernon City Library
315 Snoqualmie Street
Mount Vernon, WA, 98273
(360) 336-6209

an egg in the hand