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kale bits

Alright, alright, I finally did it. I made kale chips. But only because everyone else in the food blog world has already made them and raved about them. Well, and because I love kale and it seemed stupid to pass up a potentially fabulous way of cooking it. This post over on Use Real Butter was the last straw as far as I was concerned (her kale photos are gorgeous), so when I picked up a bunch of kale for a pot of soup, I saved out a bowlful of leaves to roast into chips to go with my sandwich at lunch.

kale chip

It was, I have to admit, very good. The leaves lost all chewiness and became, instead, ethereally crisp and delicate, dissolving on the tongue with a slight crackle. I ate something like half a bunch of kale all by myself without hardly noticing. I intend to make these chips again very soon, perhaps with a bit of cumin sprinkled over, or a little dipping sauce of garlicky yogurt. And need I point out that these would be really fun to serve with drinks?

Note: There are recipes for this all over the internet. I made the Use Real Butter version, but Deb has a good-looking one over at Smitten Kitchen – as well as a great serving suggestion. Kale popcorn? Yes, indeed.