jungle cat

jungle cat

The greenhouse window behind our kitchen sink used to have shelves in it. I’d start seedlings and transplants there, and left the space under the shelf free for the cats to sun themselves. Then I needed to move my jade plant to a new location, as it had completely outgrown its prior space, so we took out the shelves to make room. The cats still sun themselves in the space, but now they can pretend to be fierce jungle panthers peering through the foliage. I think they like it.



As the days get colder and shorter and wetter, I think we can all get behind the idea of burrowing down under pillows. The last few mornings this is where Mickey has been, just his ears showing. Smart cat.

Caturday with attitude

king of all he surveys

I’ve hardly been out of the house this week, trying to get work framed for my next show, which means not a lot of non-food-related photos have been taken. The other day I decided to take some new pictures of the cats just for variety, and Mickey obliged by getting up on a stool in the kitchen and looking regal. He’s good at that. We don’t spoil him at all, can you tell?