Stumbling Goat Bistro

Stumbling Goat Bistro

We were in Seattle on an errand on Saturday (after our precinct caucus – 80 people showed up!), and decided to treat ourselves to dinner at an especially comforting place, the Stumbling Goat on Phinney Ridge. We’ve been here twice before and had a nice time, but it had been awhile.

The ambience of this place is fantastic at night, with deep red curtains draped artfully around the room, soft lighting and a happy buzz of conversation that manages to never become obtrusive. We came in on the early side but felt lucky to get a table; the other tables filled up quickly after we arrived. Service was attentive and friendly but not overly familiar. I was impressed at the enthusiasm shown by the hostess, our waitress and the sommelier – they gave the impression that it was really, really important to them that we have a wonderful dinner.

We began with cocktails: J got something called a Billy Goat, which was basically a gin and tonic with extra citrus – very refreshing. I had lillet on the rocks with an orange twist, something I’ve been meaning to try and had never gotten around to. I do believe I’m a convert! While we finished our drinks we shared a plate of roasted beets, lettuce, apples and stinky cheese. It was nice – very fresh tasting and light. We figured that was a good idea given what we had ordered for our entrees. Continue reading